Welcome To Your Course!

Is this course for you?

Struggling with designing your social media? 

Not sure what you're doing wrong? 

Want to gain more followers but not sure what else you can improve on? 

Let me help you!

Become the influencer you admire to be! 

From this course, you will get the benefit of: 

  • Knowing the type of audience you want to gain
  • Knowing your audiences interests and how to use that to your advantage 
  • Know what lifestyle you like to post
  • About attracting the right followers
  • Idea's for creative posts and captions 
  • Many tips and tricks with getting popular on your chosen social platform. 


  1.  Promoting yourself and gaining a huge following 
  2. Helping boost your confidence 
  3. Allows you to trust your chosen platform 
  4. Boosting potential business clients 
  5. Having more of a professional working platform in which you can connect to your company. 
  6. Understanding your followers and potential clients and knowing multiple ways to reach out to them. 

All of this knowledge can be yours with a simple and easy course! 


I'm your teacher for this course. I am here to help and educate you for a better social media lifestyle.

Phoebe Adams

Young, confident and ambitious. I am more wise than I seem and my knowledge is like no other so that is why I would like to provide you with everything I know. It is never too late to learn!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What You Should Know

  • 2

    Looking The Part

    • Let Life Look Good

    • Matching Aesthetics To You

    • Professionally YOU

    • Tips & Tricks

  • 3

    Behind The Posts

    • What You Thinking?

    • Do's & Don'ts

    • Making It Official

  • 4

    Targeting The Audience

    • This Sounds Crazy

    • Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone

    • Keeping It Classy

  • 5

    The Real Work Begins

    • Promoting The Posts

    • Getting Audiences Involved

    • Hopping To Others

  • 6

    Higher Up The Chain

    • Knowing The Big Boy Stuff

    • Learning Algorithms

    • The Extra's

    • Business Talks

  • 7

    Switching It Up

    • Changing Up The Game

    • Reminder Of Your Creativity

    • Remembering Where You Came From

  • 8


    • Get Your Head In The Game

    • Making Adjustments

    • Being Apart or Being In The Social Media

  • 9

    Phoebe Adams

    • End Of The Road